Iḷisaġvik partners at St. Paul Island receive NOAA grant

Great news from our partners at the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island! The Tribal Government of St. Paul Island received the following grant from NOAA:

Expanding and strengthening the Tribal and Indigenous workforce for climate resilience in Alaska
Tribal Government of St. Paul Island: $2,306,004

This project aims to address the demand for climate-resilient monitoring programs and local workforce development in Alaska by leveraging existing capacity within the Tribal Government of St. Paul Island’s Indigenous Sentinels Network offsite link, the Bering Sea Research Center and a partnership with Iḷisaġvik College, Alaska’s Tribal college. This collaborative effort will engage a diverse network of climate service practitioners, including Indigenous community leaders, state agencies, academic institutions and nonprofits. The network will support climate resilience workforce development that incorporates Indigenous knowledge of climate research in the development of Indigenous-led environmental monitoring programs.

See the complete NOAA press release here.